Art, Not Apart

Now I am late on posting about this, I may or may not have forgotten that these photos were on my camera. Yet here they are better late then never. Canberra held an event called Art, Not Apart, now this showcase of local artists does not only happen in Canberra it happens all over Australia’s Capital Cities.

This was the first time I went and became utterly amazed with the hidden talent that my city had to offer. The event was fun, laid back. It had great food, great people, great everything. I was completely impressed. I got to meet local artist and my friends and I also had a crack at street art, well in a way. All we needed was some butchers paper, some markers, a wall and wall paper glue. Which they had very gracefully provided, so we spent probably an hour just sitting on the ground drawing before cutting our artwork out and placing our artwork on the wall that multiple talented people had already placed there’s.

All and all it was an amazing day, full of what Canberra has to offer and I will definitely being going again next year, I recommend it.