Women and Fashion

Women and fashion, they have been tied together for generations; making statements, careers, headlines and the big screen. This is my take on the empowering women and the fashion they wear…













Loving the Long skirt

Now, summer is approaching and I know that I am heading in the direction of skirts, mainly because of the lack of quality short shopping that is in Canberra.. The long skirt is going to be a must have in everyone’s wardrobe, it is incredibly flattering and creates such a elegant and perfect look for the up an coming season. I hope you all agree and will take it on board when you shop for your new wardrobe.



Tammy’s Tales

Here is my friend Tammy, she is beautiful and after some failed attempts at natural backlighting, I still managed to produce some lovely photographs, a little over exposed but never the less. Tammy has amazing style and her outfits are always great.. Her influence in mine and the schools fashion shows how your personality and the personality of others is deeply shown in people’s choice in fashion.