Women and Fashion

Women and fashion, they have been tied together for generations; making statements, careers, headlines and the big screen. This is my take on the empowering women and the fashion they wear…













The Reblog

Hello, hello, hello,

For one; I will start by apologizing for the 1 month hiatus from the wardrobe, and alas it was because of a school trip to the top end of Australia, and yes it was amazing and very hot. Yet when returning to the ever so exciting city of Canberra, I found the whether to be not quite so accommodating, after a couple of days of hibernating and acclimatizing, I headed out into the town and found that I needed to break out my winter gear again. Disappointing this may be; I found reviewing the layer technique was quite challenging, especially after 2 weeks of shorts and singlets for reasons none other then the ability to actually move.

The layer technique has been around for years and has served humanity very well. Putting together an outfit that is to suit the whether can be a challenge, especially in Canberra, we all no that one minute its a fine 18 degrees and the next it 7 and raining. When I decide that I will leave my nice warm house it usually takes me about a billion outfit changes and switches before I get it right, These outfits can range from a jumper with a pair of shorts or maybe some jeans and a singlet, these mix and match whether outfits both combat the whether and the trends and will hopefully set you up with for the change in whether as we head into spring.


Pictures from : http://lookbook.nu/

Model Profile: Alexa Chung


Alexa Chung, the British supermodel that reminds me more of the girl next door, her flawless figure and impeccable taste leave nothing to be desired. Now I have been promising this post for a while now, I am hoping that Model Profiles will become a monthly style post that allows you to see into the wonderful world of models. I am starting with my favorite model. When I look at Alexa Chung I become ever so continually amazed by her, she is not distant in any of her photographs, you can see her, they are honest.


Now for the important stuff, Alexa Chung’s style. What she wears is always flattering in style and perfectly suited to her personality. For example in the photographs below, you can see that she has dressed exquisitely to fit every situation no matter how different, from the red carpet to festivals.


I find that it’s better to get style ideas from what models like Alexa Chung wear when there not on the runway, this is because they still have the front row seats in fashion, yet are not being exaggerated by the runway. I hope these tips help you along your fashion journey.


From The Hats To The Heels

Hats, hats and more hats… They are one of my favorite things, they can protect you from bad hair days or just make an outfit. By pairing a Fedora, or Fedora like hats with small boot heels you get a great look and go with nearly anything. Providing that the colour of your hat or boots does not clash with the rest of your outfit. You can wear jeans,pants, a skirt or even shorts. The top could be any different shape and size. This is a great look for any season, cold or warm. So go out and get some hats they are great for all occasions. Hats are also a look that does not seem to be going anywhere anytime soon so is a good investment towards your wardrobe.


(Photograph Source:http://en.paperblog.com/hat-over-heels-103305/)