Women and Fashion

Women and fashion, they have been tied together for generations; making statements, careers, headlines and the big screen. This is my take on the empowering women and the fashion they wear…













Rebel Attitudes

So I am Re-blogging this from my other photography blog and wish to share because of the unique way that this project actually turned out. The theme was Fads and immediately I went to James Dean and the cool guys that smoked, and though I am not endorsing smoking in any sort of way. The overall look can be accomplished without it, which is a bonus, I mean who doesn’t want to be the cool guy or girl with the leather jacket and the rebel attitude.





Hipsley Lane, Op Shop Heaven

Now we all know that Canberra is not notorious for fabulous op shopping. Not to fear their is hope yet, last Thursday night I headed out to newly opened Hipsley Lane; a boutique that has bought in %100 Vintage clothes all the way from the US. Hipsley Lane is located in Braddon, Canberra’s hotspot for all your trendy second hand needs. On Thursday, Hipsley Lane held a See, Try, Buy event for the first 50 people in which proceeds went to lifeline. Meaning there was lots of satisfaction when the wallet came out to buy a pair of awesome shorts and some all natural nail polish,

This event turned out to be nothing short from a success, from there range to there incredibly helpful staff and even the makeshift change rooms that only added to the positive and friendly vibe that Hipsley Lane bought to the table.

I would suggest to all Canberra op shop goers to check this place out because you will not be disappointed. There is no doubt in my mind that Hipsley Lane will become a regular spot for all my op shopping needs. The address is shop 2 / 27 Lonsdale Street Braddon, Canberra, Hope that you will all check it out.

Loving the Long skirt

Now, summer is approaching and I know that I am heading in the direction of skirts, mainly because of the lack of quality short shopping that is in Canberra.. The long skirt is going to be a must have in everyone’s wardrobe, it is incredibly flattering and creates such a elegant and perfect look for the up an coming season. I hope you all agree and will take it on board when you shop for your new wardrobe.



Model Profile: Alexa Chung


Alexa Chung, the British supermodel that reminds me more of the girl next door, her flawless figure and impeccable taste leave nothing to be desired. Now I have been promising this post for a while now, I am hoping that Model Profiles will become a monthly style post that allows you to see into the wonderful world of models. I am starting with my favorite model. When I look at Alexa Chung I become ever so continually amazed by her, she is not distant in any of her photographs, you can see her, they are honest.


Now for the important stuff, Alexa Chung’s style. What she wears is always flattering in style and perfectly suited to her personality. For example in the photographs below, you can see that she has dressed exquisitely to fit every situation no matter how different, from the red carpet to festivals.


I find that it’s better to get style ideas from what models like Alexa Chung wear when there not on the runway, this is because they still have the front row seats in fashion, yet are not being exaggerated by the runway. I hope these tips help you along your fashion journey.


We love Princess Polly

Princess Polly, what should be your one stop online shop for some of the latest street fashion. I have been shopping on this website for a couple of years now and have never regretted any purchase, there clothing is always so fresh,new and exciting. I love it and I’m sure you guys will love it to.. I know I have been a bit shack with blog posts lately but I’m working on a new segment about models and what they wear, so keep looking there’s will be more to read in the next few days.







The Reblog

We all know that it is pretty hard to get an outfit exactly the way you want it, but hopefully these few photos that I spotted on Lookbook will give you guys a good idea on how to mix it up and maybe wear some of your cloths in a different way.