Art, Not Apart

Now I am late on posting about this, I may or may not have forgotten that these photos were on my camera. Yet here they are better late then never. Canberra held an event called Art, Not Apart, now this showcase of local artists does not only happen in Canberra it happens all over Australia’s Capital Cities.

This was the first time I went and became utterly amazed with the hidden talent that my city had to offer. The event was fun, laid back. It had great food, great people, great everything. I was completely impressed. I got to meet local artist and my friends and I also had a crack at street art, well in a way. All we needed was some butchers paper, some markers, a wall and wall paper glue. Which they had very gracefully provided, so we spent probably an hour just sitting on the ground drawing before cutting our artwork out and placing our artwork on the wall that multiple talented people had already placed there’s.

All and all it was an amazing day, full of what Canberra has to offer and I will definitely being going again next year, I recommend it.



Hipsley Lane, Op Shop Heaven

Now we all know that Canberra is not notorious for fabulous op shopping. Not to fear their is hope yet, last Thursday night I headed out to newly opened Hipsley Lane; a boutique that has bought in %100 Vintage clothes all the way from the US. Hipsley Lane is located in Braddon, Canberra’s hotspot for all your trendy second hand needs. On Thursday, Hipsley Lane held a See, Try, Buy event for the first 50 people in which proceeds went to lifeline. Meaning there was lots of satisfaction when the wallet came out to buy a pair of awesome shorts and some all natural nail polish,

This event turned out to be nothing short from a success, from there range to there incredibly helpful staff and even the makeshift change rooms that only added to the positive and friendly vibe that Hipsley Lane bought to the table.

I would suggest to all Canberra op shop goers to check this place out because you will not be disappointed. There is no doubt in my mind that Hipsley Lane will become a regular spot for all my op shopping needs. The address is shop 2 / 27 Lonsdale Street Braddon, Canberra, Hope that you will all check it out.

Online Opportunities


Now any native Canberran’s knows the op shop is a tough one to come by. I know I usually rummage through the back shelves and little hidey holes that you find out the back of Vinnie’s and salvos. So instead a great deal of us head to the online world to fill that void.

And now my friend Lily ( above ) tells all about her tricks of the trade and the way too spot a good look.

The shopping destinations in Canberra are slim, so online shopping has become somewhat of a rave,  Lily has provided us with her favorite website for all her shopping needs, this online store is ASOS, now I pray to the heavens you all have heard of this miracle contraption.  If not Google it straight away in order for amazement to happen. It is none other then a god on earth.
ASOS is a leading brand in today’s street fashion and now provides many young fashion forward men and women with a one stop shop for all their fashion needs. This leaves no short end of the straws, no gaping holes of missed trends, and no loss of trendiness.. Making ASOS one of the best online shopping destinations, so get your debit cards out and click away to the glory of this online shop.

Lily tells us her number one tip with putting together an outfit and it is ‘ Colour coding’ and me agreeing vigorously with her. I mean there’s actually nothing worse then seeing great individual pieces of clothing put together in ways that are un- imaginable to any one with any sort of taste.
With this in mind and Lily’s style in your head keep on the look out in the online world of fashion for your next hidey hole of style.


We love Princess Polly

Princess Polly, what should be your one stop online shop for some of the latest street fashion. I have been shopping on this website for a couple of years now and have never regretted any purchase, there clothing is always so fresh,new and exciting. I love it and I’m sure you guys will love it to.. I know I have been a bit shack with blog posts lately but I’m working on a new segment about models and what they wear, so keep looking there’s will be more to read in the next few days.