Formal Season

Its formal season!! And although this is a good thing, I often have nightmares of the horrible dresses that we all know are coming.

My dreams have been plagued for weeks by the idea of pink satin being sequined everywhere (even though the dress barely covers anything).

I have been combating this with the endless hours that are being spent in stores and online looking for the dress that will debut me into the wonderful world of formals. ( I have found one YAY)

So okay, in formal dress shopping there is a definate no fly zone, this includeds sequin’s in strange places and anysort of animal print. You may disgree with me and sure there is the 0.0009% of pilots that can pull it off and bravley go where no other should. Below being some examples.


You may now be screaming what other options is there on the vast landscape of formal dress shopping.

But now I must tell all those poor souls on the joy they are missing out on. Sites like ASOS and provide a great platform for formal dress shoping. Some people are fooled by the way that these websites photograph the dresses, the majority of the pictures give more of a casual vibe to them. Though if you just use your imagination you are able to see great possibility’s.

A simple dress with some statement jewelry and a pop colour bag makes for a gorgeous formal outfit.




So for all of you formal dress shoppers remember pink satin is never the right choice.


Online Opportunities


Now any native Canberran’s knows the op shop is a tough one to come by. I know I usually rummage through the back shelves and little hidey holes that you find out the back of Vinnie’s and salvos. So instead a great deal of us head to the online world to fill that void.

And now my friend Lily ( above ) tells all about her tricks of the trade and the way too spot a good look.

The shopping destinations in Canberra are slim, so online shopping has become somewhat of a rave,  Lily has provided us with her favorite website for all her shopping needs, this online store is ASOS, now I pray to the heavens you all have heard of this miracle contraption.  If not Google it straight away in order for amazement to happen. It is none other then a god on earth.
ASOS is a leading brand in today’s street fashion and now provides many young fashion forward men and women with a one stop shop for all their fashion needs. This leaves no short end of the straws, no gaping holes of missed trends, and no loss of trendiness.. Making ASOS one of the best online shopping destinations, so get your debit cards out and click away to the glory of this online shop.

Lily tells us her number one tip with putting together an outfit and it is ‘ Colour coding’ and me agreeing vigorously with her. I mean there’s actually nothing worse then seeing great individual pieces of clothing put together in ways that are un- imaginable to any one with any sort of taste.
With this in mind and Lily’s style in your head keep on the look out in the online world of fashion for your next hidey hole of style.