Women and Fashion

Women and fashion, they have been tied together for generations; making statements, careers, headlines and the big screen. This is my take on the empowering women and the fashion they wear…













Formal Season

Its formal season!! And although this is a good thing, I often have nightmares of the horrible dresses that we all know are coming.

My dreams have been plagued for weeks by the idea of pink satin being sequined everywhere (even though the dress barely covers anything).

I have been combating this with the endless hours that are being spent in stores and online looking for the dress that will debut me into the wonderful world of formals. ( I have found one YAY)

So okay, in formal dress shopping there is a definate no fly zone, this includeds sequin’s in strange places and anysort of animal print. You may disgree with me and sure there is the 0.0009% of pilots that can pull it off and bravley go where no other should. Below being some examples.


You may now be screaming what other options is there on the vast landscape of formal dress shopping.

But now I must tell all those poor souls on the joy they are missing out on. Sites like ASOS and dissh.com.au provide a great platform for formal dress shoping. Some people are fooled by the way that these websites photograph the dresses, the majority of the pictures give more of a casual vibe to them. Though if you just use your imagination you are able to see great possibility’s.

A simple dress with some statement jewelry and a pop colour bag makes for a gorgeous formal outfit.




So for all of you formal dress shoppers remember pink satin is never the right choice.

Rebel Attitudes

So I am Re-blogging this from my other photography blog and wish to share because of the unique way that this project actually turned out. The theme was Fads and immediately I went to James Dean and the cool guys that smoked, and though I am not endorsing smoking in any sort of way. The overall look can be accomplished without it, which is a bonus, I mean who doesn’t want to be the cool guy or girl with the leather jacket and the rebel attitude.





We love Princess Polly

Princess Polly, what should be your one stop online shop for some of the latest street fashion. I have been shopping on this website for a couple of years now and have never regretted any purchase, there clothing is always so fresh,new and exciting. I love it and I’m sure you guys will love it to.. I know I have been a bit shack with blog posts lately but I’m working on a new segment about models and what they wear, so keep looking there’s will be more to read in the next few days.







Colour Do’s and Colour Don’ts

So over the past few months there has been a big increase in the about of cloths that have been tailored to fit the new trend of colour blocking. Though there is a fine line where people try to over compensate in the colour department, People can go over board and end up putting too many similar colours together in one outfit and just end up ruining it.

You have to be careful when the blocking includes patterns because going over board on that will definitely not help. When Colour Blocking think about how the over all outfit will look just because you’re using lots of different colours doesn’t mean you shouldn’t think about how all the different colours are going to contrast with each other.

Even when composing your outfit remember the different styles of cloths that you’re going to be wearing for example don’t wear baggy pants with a baggy top even if your choice of colours are incredible.

Also guys are no exception to colour block sure you don’t have to be as eccentric as girls are with colours, I mean we might look good in a bright purple pendulum top but you guys not so much, yet think about the subtle colous that you can mix together like a army green military style jacket and a pair of dark jeans are great as long as you don’t wear a dark shirt. Wear something that will stand out but not in an overly obvious way just a white Tee with a print on will do.

And with shoes don’t always think that just because your colour blocking on your outfit doesn’t mean you have to with your accessories, because a slight miss calculation with the colours can end disastrously, the wrong shades of pink and your screwed. This also applies that of you have some obviously bright accessories don’t put it with an overly bright outfit, sometimes a bright bag with a neutral tone outfit will do wonders.